Tourism and Gastronomy

In recent years we have developed our own communication line within the field of Gastronomy with the launch of HITCOOKING Gastromagazine, a digital magazine where we have reflected all our professionalism.

This success has opened many B2B actions with companies in the sector that have trusted in our creative work formula to enhance their projects and businesses, as well as to publicize their services.

We love our work and we continue to grow. For this reason, we have increased our radius of action with two new digital communication platforms focused on the world of wine and tourism: Bienvinidos and The Tournalist.

Take advantage of the opportunity we offer you to enhance your products with WIMIT with communication and marketing campaigns. Tourism and Gastronomy go hand in hand and what better way than to do it as a team..

If you walk alone, you will go faster; if you walk accompanied, you will go further. Chinese proverb.

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