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Wimit is a Madrid-based advertising agency with 15 years of experience in the marketing and communication world. It’s fun, lively and a tad…mad. At Wimit, we take care of our clients’ every need. All of our projects are well-researched and thorough, always making sure to address all those vital little details that often go unnoticed. Get in touch with us. We would love to promote you and your business.

“People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Steve Jobs.


Exceptional, Innovative and Out Front

At Wimit, we are always putting our minds toward a number of diverse projects for every one of our clients. We aim to give them the finest and most creative designs in the communications, marketing and advertising world. Wimit is the fruit of years of teamwork. We know that every piece is important in the final product. Our clients can endorse and guarantee our professionalism. We are what you want us to be. You make us possible.

“If you are looking for different results, don’t do the same thing.” Albert Einstein.

  • Thanks to Wimit, we have improved our commercial image: To keep the spirit of traditional cooking in our blog while still being fresh and modern.

  • We love working with Wimit. Very professional, flexible and problem-free while developing all of our projects.

  • We have spent two years charmed by the work they have done for us. They are friendly and kind. They carry out their tasks with a lot of care.

  • All the the work they done for us has met our highest standards. Thank you very much. You all have always done work of the highest caliber.

  • I loved my business’ new image. Very fresh. They have a lot of imagination and perfectly captured what I needed.

  • Wimit International knows perfectly the needs of the client and they are really great professionals. Their works are always perfect and delivered on time.


I need… so I imagine

Wimit offers you all the services you need to promote yourself and your business. We work in many different professional fields, giving us a well-rounded professional focus that offers quality service and a wide-variety of creative possibilities.

“Nothing is so stupid as to vanquish; the real glory is to convince.” Víctor Hugo.

Offline Communication

Your image is fundamental. It has to be clear, practical and productive. Wimit produces fresh and innovative ideas for all your commercial products. Branding. Catalogs. Yearbooks. Advertisements. Newspapers / Magazines. Billboards.

Online Marketing

Wimit pairs its projects with savvy, dynamic and innovative online marketing campaigns. Everything from web page creation to SEM, SEO, social media and content marketing development…

Editorial Creativity

WIMIT is specialist in design and editorial development with over 15 years of experience in the sector, collaborating with major media communications around the world, adding to your publications the creative value that they need at any time.

360º Agency

WIMIT creates customized solutions and specific strategies to optimize business opportunities for our customers, developing all its projects from the conception of the initial idea to final production. Give us a target. We put the imagination.

Press Department

Wimit specializes in the development of effective press communication strategies. Professional journalists will give your business the voice it needs, generating up-to-the-minute, high-quality content.

Multimedia Applications

If your online products need a more realistic appearance, Wimit can make them that much more powerful. Amaze your clients with apps, interactive e-books, e-magazines, 3D info-architecture, animations or augmented reality.

Styling and Photography

Pictures don’t lie. We put together professional-quality photo reports on a variety of subjects, from fashion to gastronomy, the great outdoors to the cozy indoors. We even make photo catalogs for hotels and business. Whatever you may need.


Wimit offers an event organization and production service. Our creative solutions will separate you from the competition. Surprise them with our social activities, promotional launch parties, stands, photo calls and more…


There’s no limit to what we can do

Wimit works with you, no matter where you are in the world.
We conceptualize and develop all types of projects for all types of clients, from the smallest businesses to the largest companies. We know they are willing to bank on our creative professional philosophy and find brand new commercial visions for their products. Give us a goal–we’ll provide the imagination.

“One only makes progress when he thinks big; it’s only possible to advance when one looks ahead.” José Ortega y Gasset.

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